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Support specialist housing where it is needed

Last updated: 08:39pm 19 July 2018

It means supporting specialist housing where it is needed, like multigenerational homes and housing for older people, including by helping housing associations increase their specialist housing stock.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.71

Our verdict

The government put forward this policy mainly in order to accommodate the growing number of older people in the UK who need specialist housing such as supported living and care homes. However, this policy also applies to people with disabilities and mental health problems.

So far, the government has committed £400 million to spend on developing 8,000 supported housing units through the Affordable Homes Programme, and is investing a further £200 million to develop and support another 6000 supported homes through the Department of Health’s Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund. It also announced a Social Housing Green Paper consultation, which would address issues related to the delivery of this policy, although the publication of this has been delayed.

As this is an ongoing policy, we’ll be classifying it as ‘in progress.’ To mark it as ‘done’ or ‘broken’, we’ll be watching the increase in specialist housing stock and the success of the government’s investments into specialist housing.

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