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Support the expansion of auto-enrolled pensions

Last updated: 04:58pm 8 March 2019

In addition to safeguarding the rising state pension, we will continue to support the successful expansion of auto-enrolled pensions, enabling more people to increase their retirement income with help from their employers and government;
Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.64

Our verdict

Since the early 2000s, governments have toyed with the idea of requiring employers to automatically enrol their employees onto a pension scheme. This was then made law in the Pensions Act 2008 under a previous government, with an official start date of 2012.

report published by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) in December 2017 found that “9 million” individuals had been enrolled onto a pension scheme since the introduction the scheme. Since then, the number of people automatically enrolled has risen to 9.9 million according to the 2018 report. In addition, the minimum contribution for workplace pensions is set to rise in April 2019 from 2% to 3% for employers, and from 3% to 5% for employees.

The continued rise in auto-enrolment, the DWP reviews and the increase in contributions shows the government is actively supporting the continued expansion of auto-enrolled pensions. These aren’t precise metrics of course, but are enough to constitute the “support” that was promised, so we’re marking this policy as ‘done’. We’ll keep monitoring as always, so follow this policy to hear about any changes.

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