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Upgrade facilities for cyclists at railway stations

Last updated: 10:45am 5 August 2019

We will continue to support local authorities to expand cycle networks and upgrade facilities for cyclists at railway stations.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.24

Our verdict

This is a promise to “continue” supporting local authorities to upgrade facilities for cyclists at railway stations. With pledges like this, the status is likely to be ‘done’ unless there has been an obvious reversal, such as a reduction or removal of funding. This policy is part of a broader strategy to increase walking and cycling as the natural choice for shorter journeys or as part of a longer journey.

Much of the groundwork for this happened during the last administration. The government ran a consultation in 2016 and published their Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy in April 2017, which promised to invest an extra £5 million in improving cycle facilities at railway stations.

Continuing investment under the present government is evidenced by the Cycle Rail Fund Awards in June 2019.

The government announcement of the awards said they would fund:

“an extra 2,300 cycle spaces to be built at 48 stations across England, enabling commuters to cycle directly to the station and lock up their bike securely”

The awards will also fund safer bike access, bike hire and additional cycle facilities, such as tool stations and bike pumps.

The Cycle Rail Fund Awards demonstrate that the government is delivering on its promise to “continue” supporting local authorities to upgrade facilities for cyclists at railway stations, so we’re marking this policy as ‘done’.

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