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Use technology to make care more convenient for patients

Last updated: 03:37pm 7 June 2019

…and use technology to put care at their convenience.

Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, p.68

Our verdict

Digital technology has changed life in significant ways in recent decades, requiring citizens to develop new essential skills, and making many of us reliant on digital devices for day-to-day living. This broad policy pledge recognises the potential benefits of technological developments to patients in terms of making healthcare more accessible and personalised.

The manifesto goes on to outline three specific policies aimed at putting care at the convenience of patients. We are using those related, and more focused, promises to evaluate this broader “umbrella” policy:

  • Give patients access to core services via digital or phone
  • Expand the number of NHS approved apps
  • Pilot the live publication of waiting times data for A&Es

We’ve currently given only one of those a status of ‘done’ – expanding the number of NHS-approved apps. The other two are ‘in progress’.

If all three of those policies reach a status of ‘done’, the government will have satisfied its own criteria for making care more convenient for patients by using technology, and we’ll be able to also move this policy to ‘done’. Until then, this is ‘in progress’. Follow this policy to stay up to date.

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