How to… Edit a live policy

If you’ve seen a news update that effects one of the policies, or if you just want to make an improvement, here’s how you you go about it.

Step 1: Make the change

When you log in, head to the Policies menu and search for the policy you want to change (using the search box is quickest). You can edit any policy – regardless of category or whether you have worked on it before.

When you find the policy you want to change, mouse over the title and choose Make Revision.

Choose 'Make Revision' when editing a live policy
Choose ‘Make Revision’ to edit a live policy.

If you choose Edit instead, you’ll also be prompted to ‘make a revision’ by a pop-up box like this one…

Choose Make Revision to start updating the policy.

When you reach the policy page, you’ll see the title of the policy has been prefixed with ‘Revision of – ‘. This is because when you make a change to a live policy, you’re actually making a copy of it first (so the current version stays live on the site).

You’re going to submit your changes to this copy, and once your change is approved it will replace the current version of the policy.

So go ahead and make the change, and keep pressing Save Draft as you go…

Tip: Post a message in the relevant Slack channel if you have any questions, or just want to let other volunteers know you're on this, .   

As soon as you’re ready, it’s time to submit the changes you have made.

Step 2: Submit your change

When you’re ready to submit your change, just hit the Submit to Workflow button. You’ll see the following pop-up box:

Add comments about what you have changed, then press Submit.

All you need to do here is add comments about the changes you have made, then click Submit. Ignore all the other fields.

The pop-up box will close and you will be redirected back to the list of policies (you might need to give it time…). Your policy will be at the top, marked as In Review (stage 1).

All done. If any other policies are also effected by this change, don’t forget to edit those too.

What happens next?

As soon as you submit your policy, notifications are sent to Editors who review policies. For each policy or update to a policy, two Editors have to give approval before it can be published.

If the Editors have any questions, they may get in touch via Slack, or they may re-assign it back to you if more work is needed. Rest assured, it’s quite common for there to be a bit of back and forth, so don’t worry if your change doesn’t go through straight away. It’s all part of ensuring we are following our style guide, and being consistent and fair. We’re all learning as we go!

Who reviews the policies?

Policies are reviewed by Editors. Editors are volunteers like everyone else, but who have a strong grasp of the writing style and feel comfortable providing editorial advice. It involves a lot of checking and researching too, so it can take almost as much time to review a policy as it takes to write it!

If you’d like to become a policy reviewer get in touch via Slack or email.